WoW… can it be so long.

I got an email today from somebody asking me if I was still alive, as I had not posted anything in here in ages. It took me awhile to remember my password again, but I am alive. Shortly after my lost post here, our life got turned even more upside down. We had finally finished with all the building work and were actually looking forward to a nice relaxing year, when Claire returned home from UJ in early January, to ask me if I wanted to move to Geneva, so she could work full time at CERN.

Stupid question right…

And so started the hectic planning and sorting out to not only move house, but into another country, on another continent, across to the northern hemisphere. Hence why I haven’t actually blogged in a year. It took us a while to settling in, find an apartment, and a crèche for Cabhán (who is getting so big right now, I can hardly believe it), and I have even been trying to study French (yes… they actually speak French here.. and NOT German. There are a few people, as it is one of the national languages, but you need to move more north and east to Bern and Zurich to find the German speaking part of Switzerland)

Of course I have still been cooking, and its been a complete mind change again. Chicken is one of the most expensive meats to buy, and its usually cheaper for me to buy duck instead. I have only had lamb once since arriving here on the 22nd of June last year, as I cant get myself to pay 12€ for two 100g chops. Ironically, the only lamb we have had.. was imported from New Zealand.

Cooking here though is a dream. We have so many wonderful new things. Things, that were just impossible to find back in SA. On Saturdays, I can go to the to local street market in Ferney (without fear of being mugged) and buy Périgord Black truffles, Spanish Iberico ham, or fresh Belon oysters. All just 5 min from our apartment. Yes I have to drive or even walk across the border to France, but its just that easy to do. And while its not cheap (in SA standards).. it still a tenth of what we would of paid back in South Africa. Never mind the Cheeses and sausages that have become my new biltong.

Hopefully I will stop being so lazy and try blog a bit about all of these lovely new delicacy’s, and give you all a new taste of how we are living now. Our Apartment, is the size of our bedroom back in SA, I am unemployed at the moment, so we are living on a 10€ a day food budget, Which is completely doable, it just means we cant eat Foie Gras every night, and my cooking is no longer accident as it is design (except for my “Chocolate chilly duck breast” recipe, which I still cant get 100% right and is usually very accidenty)

The best of all though… is that we are happy. We feel safe and secure, and really do not miss any of it,Well…. all except our Friends, Family, and Mrs balls chutney