So I’ve been thinking of doing this for awhile now, and just have not found the time or energy to even get started. My idea was for it to be something like a small video blog of what I was doing in the kitchen. Of course that means quiet a bit of time editing when I could be spending more time with my Son. Claire came up with the idea of me just starting off with a small blog to start off with and see how it turns out.

So this is my small little piece of the net, where I plan on typing up some details of good recipes, bad recipes, Tips and hints and anything else that I feel needs to be blasted out on the already overly populated WWW.

I wish I had the site up and running last week already, as I was really impressed with my attempts over the past few days. Most of them ended up with me trying to time our supper to be ready, pretty much just after Cabhán’s own feeding time. I wish I had taken some photo’s to show you all how the meals turned out. But now at least I dont have an excuse anymore and better just get my ass in gear. Tonight is also a failure as Claire is cooking while I am sitting here trying to get this all sorted

Crayfish stock seafood pasta

This post, not only serves as a starting point of what I hope will be a very exciting journey, but also the first post so I can see how the page layout and software works.
I leave you all with a photo from one of my meals from two weeks ago. It started off as a simple Seafood Jambalaya in my head on Friday afternoon, and ended up being a Seafood Pasta, made with homemade pasta and cooked in Crayfish fish stock. It was one of the most expensive meals I have made in a long while, and was really well worth it.