A list of my Families favourite restaurants and why we love them.

*(Please note we don’t have any affiliation with any of them)

Claire and Chris’ Top 3:

  1. The Whiteboy Shebeen
    The Restaurant is run by Alan Gerson, who I first met on my 25th Birthday. He was running the Herbert baker in Park Town and Claire took me there for supper. This building was turned into a historical monument, so he had to leave. The new result is the Whiteboy Shebeen.
    We love it for the “afro-fusion” food, extensive wine cellar.
    Fave food, The strawberries, pernod and black pepper desert
  2. The Scarlet Feather
    Run by Chef Adriaan Jacobs and his wife Jacqueline Jacobs. Its a 30 min drive from JHB, just outside the Suikerbos Rand Nature Reserve. My Parents found this little place not to far from their home. I took Claire there when I proposed in 2003.
    We love it for the french cuisine, our engagement venues, and the llamas.
    Fave food, The Biltong and Abalone starter.
  3. Piatto Restaurant – Alberton
    Not to far from our house, which is always a bonus. Perfect place for a romantic dinner for 2 (plus 1/4 now that Cabhán has been born), or even a family dinner of 12.
    We love it for the baked camembert and lamb kleftiko
    Fave food, Why we love it comes to mind.
  • redpepa
    #1 written by redpepa 7 years ago

    Whiteboy Shebeen sounds and looks so interesting…

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