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On this weekend…

I enjoy the “On this day in 2010″ thing that facebook has going at the moment. It tells you interesting things that happened a year (or more, if possible) ago. I logged on this morning to see that a year ago today, I wrote: “Claire Lee had a wonderfully busy day yesterday: family fun at the botanical gardens where Cabhán met a tortoise and went on a train ride. Then lunch while watching the rugby at my parents house, and finally dinner with Simon, Gel & Ketevi.”

I remember that Sunday so well! It was such a lot of fun, my brother ran a photography class four our whole family at the Walter Sisulu botanical gardens which we all attended (well, I attended to Cabhán mostly, but everyone else who was there learnt some mad photography skills).

Cabhán was almost almost 4 months old at the time, and just look how much he has grown…

From this:

to this!

We didn’t go to the gardens yesterday, but I did take him out to the Meyrin water park – a totally fun place that I have to really restrain from running around and playing in too much, myself. It’s a 5 minute walk from our apartment, perfect for these hot summer days.

Chris and I have each taken him to the park before, but he didn’t really get into it. He absolutely loves water, he plays in his bath for ages and shouts if I take him out before he is ready, but he isn’t so keen on water splashing in his face. So for the past week or so we have been splashing him in his bath a lot more, and also running the shower head so that he can play with the water, and laughing and clapping when the water splashed in his face.

Well it seems to be paying off! He had lots of fun at the park, playing with his bucket and trying to “catch” the water. He would run in to the water sprays with his bucket, try to catch some water, get splashed, and come running back to me laughing! I picked him up and swung him around, then put him back down and he would run off again with his bucket.

The water turns off randomly, and then Cabhán looks at me, says “gone!” with his little hands palms-up, and then he would venture off to explore more the bits and pieces that make up the park. And then the water would come on suddenly again, and he would run away fast!

And when he was tired and had had enough of running around and playing, he climbed up into his pram all by himself, turned around and sat down, and was all like “ok mummy we can go home now”.


  • Too swEet for words

  • He stole my heart the first time I held him in my arms and he looked into my eyes!!! Those captivating blue eyes are just soooo precious Granny! He is such a special little boy that is loved wherever he goes! God bless my little Not!

  • Little not? :)

  • I remember that lovely day too Claire – it was blistering hot too! What a nice idea to do a 1 year on posting occasionally – and my scrapbooking fingers are twitching to do something with this idea!

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