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Happy little monkey

Cabhán has been such a happy boy today!

This morning I quietly went into his room to wake him up. It was 8am already, and we had to get him to school by 8:30. I opened the door quietly, walked to his cot and peeped in… and Cabhán went “BOO!”

When we fetched him from school this afternoon, Chris and I walked down the passage to his classroom. He was playing near the security gate (they only have security gates into the classrooms, not doors) and I waved to him. He saw us, gave us the hugest grin, and came running, practically launching himself over the gate into my arms, shouting “yaaaaaaay!”.

He really is doing SO well at his school. The teachers say he is wonderful – and so good. He plays brilliantly, eats brilliantly (often having a second helping or more – I hope the teachers don’t think we don’t feed him!) and in general is just really happy.

And he is doing so well with the French too. Yesterday when we came to fetch him he was inside a jungle gym thing in one of the classrooms, the only way I knew it was him was because I saw a corner of his blanky poking out. We waved to the teacher and she called him and said “Cabhán, your parents are here to fetch you, look” or something to that effect – in French. He immediately looked to where she was pointing and saw us, giving us another huge smile and a wave. And then he “blew” a kiss bye bye to his teacher.

He makes Chris and I so proud to be his parents. He is also so much happier when we get home in the evening, being able to run around and explore and play and interact with other kids the whole day.

We’re getting him to bed a bit earlier now though, as he’s down to 1 nap a day at school round 12:00-ish after he has lunch. He sleeps for an hour to an hour and a half, so by 7pm he is pretty exhausted. He sleeps for about 12 hours at night though, so the earlier bedtime fits well with getting him up, breakfasted, dressed and off to school.

We’re even going to be leaving a bit earlier from next week, as Chris has signed up for an intensive French course starting next week, and the lessons are at 08:50 4 days per week. So we’ll drop Cabhán at school at 8:15, then me at cern at 8:30, which should give him enough time to get to his class. It’s going to be so good for him, and I’m going to be envious of how he will be able to speak French now :)


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