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Dec 1, 2011 - Win!    2 Comments

MOvember is over – hello December!

Holy cow it’s December already!

December is sort of awesome-horrible for me. I always find it one of the most stressful months, as from the family side of things you’re expected to take a nice long break, but from the work side of things everything just seems to hot up right around now. Always. (Plus, when I was teaching, it was one of the only periods where you could concentrate solely on research). So there’s a sort of clash of interests there. But, it’s also my birthday month, which makes it awesome by definition, AND it’s Christmas, which is stressful in itself but boy do I love Christmas!

Anyway that is not my point here today.

For a lot of guys around the world today also marks the end of Movember – where you are supposed to grow your moustache (mo) for charity in support of prostrate and testicular cancer, during November – and I think there is at least a bit of relief for the guys when they get to shave it off again.

A lot of the guys’ wives hate the idea. I think it’s pretty cool, the idea behind it is great, and because Chris actually looks pretty cool with, okay, maybe not quite a mo, but a goatee. The only time I will let him wear a beanie is if he has a goatee.

Chris did the whole Movember thing, well at least he did it until last week, and then he half-shaved it off one morning by mistake!

Anyway, Cabhán and Ginger supported MOvember too…


(I cheated and took those photos halfway through the month, actually. Good thing, too, as the rest of the month seriously got away from me. But I kept the little paper mo, and caught Cabhán sticking it on Ginger’s nose two nights ago, so we carried it through in the end :) )

Any of you do the whole MOvember thing? Let’s see some pics!

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