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Fat Tuesday!

(For now, I am going to skim over the fact that I haven’t written in ages, and I will get to what has happened in the past couple of months shortly. It’s been pretty interesting, what with me turning 29, then getting smashed in the face by a ski lift, then dislocating my collarbone, and by “interesting” I sort of mean that 2012 has quite a lot of begging to do to get back into my good graces. But for now, I am happily sitting on the couch with an extremely full tummy, because today is Shrove Tuesday and that means – pancakes!)

We’ve always had pancakes on Shrove Tuesday for as long as I can remember – my mom has her secret crepe recipe (which isn’t really a secret, and she has passed on to me) and she would make stacks of cinnamon-sugar pancakes for dinner, and put them in the oven to keep warm until the sugar melted and went all gooey, and my brother and I would fight for what we thought were the sugariest, gooeyist pancakes and we would all eat until we were stuffed.

In France, Shrove Tuesday (or, pancake day) is called Mardi Gras, which directly translated means “Fat Tuesday”, a rather apt description. It’s also the carnival festival (I hadn’t ever linked the two together before, Mardi gras and Shrove Tuesday) and the only reason we were alerted to it was because Cabhán’s school put a notice up on their door saying that the kids should dress up for the day today. Cabhán has a whole set of baseball gear that Katharine bought him in the States, including a little mitt, bat, and ball, so he dressed up as a little Yankee. Everyone at school thought he was deliciously cute. Unfortunately, standing still while he had a bat and a ball to play with was completely out of the question, so these were  about the best photos I could get.


When we got home this evening I made a huge pile of pancakes a la my mom’s recipe. As is (my?) tradition, the first pancake out the pan gets to be eaten right away, and since I was feeling generous and altruistic, I gave it to Chris and Cabhán to share instead of scoffing it myself. I’m nice like that. We all ate until we were stuffed anyway, yum!


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