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Some weekend fun

Cabhán has started a new thing where he often most days wakes up at 5:30 am and doesn’t want to go back to sleep. Since he used to sleep till after 7am, this is not such a fun game for me, but what can you do. This Saturday was one of those days (and Sunday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday… you see how it goes).

Anyway, Cabhán and I were up early and played and watched cartoons for a while, and then since it was a lovely, sunny day I decided to take him out to get some stickers, and then have a nice morning walk. It really was a beautiful day, and warm: after the past few weeks of it being -15 or so, the weekend’s +2 was positively balmy.

We went to Jumbo, and then went to the schoolgrounds of the public school that’s opposite Meyrin-Village on the top of the hill, and just before the water park (though the water things have been taken away for obvious reasons until warmer days). I love that the grounds are open so people can walk through them on the weekends if they want to.

Cabhán really enjoyed the freedom on being able to run around outside again, something we haven’t really done in a long while since it’s been so cold. I’ve taken him out a couple of times but after about half an hour he’s cold and crying because his hands – even inside gloves – are stinging with cold, which is not so much fun after all. So this was quite a treat.

He ran around all over the place, along the paths. He found a little pinecone that he brought home, and went to see the school clock which rang timeously for him at 11am.

Cabhán then decided to explore the biggest tree he could find,

and found a really nice stick,

so he imitated his “bampa”.

On the way back, we stopped at his favourite stone place opposite the Meyrin church clock so he could do a bit of granular redistribution,

and then it was home for lunch. Chris went snowboarding with some friends, and Cabhán and I just had a relaxing afternoon playing with stickers and such.

On Sunday it was a bit overcast, but still “warm” so we invited our friend , Y, and his girlfriend over for a braai. Cabhán was thrilled to be let outside on the balcony – we haven’t been out there since the end of summer! We took his little cooking set outside so he could cook, too, just like daddy, and helping me through the kitchen window.

mmm ribs and steak!

Halfway through the afternoon Y – who lives downstairs from us – brought his cat up to “visit” so that Cabhán could play with her. Cabhán loves cats, and he was so good, just stroking her gently and not pulling her tail or hurting her in any way. We were mightily impressed, and Cabhán just loved having the kitty around as a friend. He thought it was especially great when I put some milk in one of his plastic bowls and told him to give it to the kitty to drink. He put it down in front of her and watched in fascination as she drank, and then brought her the rest later so she could finish it. It was really sweet. (I unfortunately didn’t get any nice pictures though).

All in all it was a great weekend.

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  • Looks like loads of fun :)

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