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Happy New Year, me

I’ve decided that today is the first day of 2012. Yup. The first two months were pretty horrid – new year itself wasn’t that great, then my mom and dad left to go back to SA, and then I just felt down for a while. Also, I was busy recovering from being hit in the face by a ski lift just before Christmas. I was just getting my mojo back when we went to Italy for a weekend for a friend’s birthday/skiing trip, and I had a bad fall while snowboarding and dislocated my shoulder. On top of that, a week later, I started having really terrible stomach pains, and spent more than a week in bed. The doctor reckons it was a bout of hepatitis.

So. My shoulder is feeling a lot better though still a little sore and weak, and I’m still tired from the hepatitis, but instead of hating 2012 as a whole, I’ve decided to give January and February the finger and say “Happy New Year, me” today.

Please, universe, let that be the end of it?

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