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An update-by-points

I realised I haven’t blogged in a while, and I have a whole bunch of pictures and stories, so while I compile them here is a short update of what has been happening in the Lee household over the past two months:

We had some friends come and visit, and we all went on a tour underground to visit ATLAS before the LHC started up again for this year. Ben and Chris also fixed Cabhán’s truck, which had stopped working. Ben checked the circuitry with his tongue (as one does) while Chris and I stood on in amusement. Yesterday, Cabhán watched the video of Ben’s troubleshooting, and decided he wanted to give it a go too.

We popped back to SA last month for a little over a week to get some adminy things done (like getting my drivers license renewed) and to see as many of our friends and family as possible. It was an extremely good visit, albeit short, and though we didn’t see absolutely everyone, it did us a world of good to get back there, even for just a little while. (We did miss the internet while we were there though. The real internet, you know, like or 50 meg line we have here at home).

When we got back from SA, we found that spring has come to Geneva! Everything is beautiful, with blossoms and budding green shoots popping out everywhere. The municipalities have planted gorgeous spring flowers in all the planters around the city, and it looks stunning. There is still some snow on the Jura mountains though, which makes for an awesome contrast.

A couple of Sundays ago, Chris had loads of work to do, so I took Cabhán for a walk down at the lake, to eat ice cream and feed the ducks (and go for a ride on a choo choo). That was a really lovely afternoon.

We had a nice Easter alone at home. It was a little bit sad as I missed everyone from SA, but we went Easter egg hunting in a real forest in France on Easter Sunday, and then we went to Chillon Castle on the Monday with friends, which was a brilliant afternoon.

Except that for the past week and a half it has been raining almost non-stop. Which is good for the plants, but the days are a bit dreary, so weekends aren’t that much fun. We even got lots of snow on the Jura this past weekend! It looks really pretty though, too bad I’m a bit nervous about snowboarding again.

I took some shadow shifts in the ATLAS Control room, so now I am a qualified super shifter, which means I will be on shift soon. The super shifts are for a week at a time (Monday to Monday). I don’t have to be in the control room the whole time, but I do have to be over there a couple of times each day to check that things are going ok, attending the daily run meetings, checking the shift logs, and in general being available for questions if the normal shifters have any.

The rest of work is crazy  - Crazy I tell you! There is never enough time to do everything, sometimes let alone even a small fraction of what I need to do. Also, I now have meetings every day, sometimes they take up more than half the day.

Chris has been inundated with work lately too, he is doing stuff for both our parents right now. Also, there is an amazing opportunity that  might be on the cards for him in the near future, so he is working his butt off to get everything done, as well as train up as a linux sysadmin in preparation. I’m so proud of him right now.

We have all been sick, which sucked tremendously. And last night Cabhán started with a fever again. Changing season, pollen, all these things just suck. Hopefully the rain will let up soon, or at least on the weekends.

Finally, Cabhán is so funny right now. His language has improved so quickly over the past 3 months – and even since SA he is talking in multi-word sentences, sometimes English, sometimes French (and sometimes I just have no clue what he is saying). His imagination has come out in leaps and bounds too – yesterday we sat for 15-20 minutes going “choo choo! ch ch ch ch” on the couch, pretending we were on a train (because our couch is a sleeper couch, there is a pull out piece that has wheels. So it’s a choo choo. Obviously).


  • Nice to have you back on the blog. Enjoyed catching up on what YOU have been up to. Love and miss you too.

  • Lovely reading your blog. Look forward to the next addition.

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