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Every day I have all these awesome ideas and great motivation to blog in the evening after Cabhán has gone to bed. Unfortunately by the time I get there my brain seems to have forgotten everything, and I battle to string a coherent sentence together, let alone write a proper post. (By 11pm, just about the only lines I am capable of are written in c++ and end in a semicolon rather than a full stop… and even then it’s dicey).

Apart from the billion things on my work to-do list, I have an equal billion on my “personal life-home-crafty crafts-blog-and other misc” to-do list, and clearly I am not exactly owning ticking those things off at any reasonable rate. I did, however, do a pretty good spring clean of the apartment this Sunday, so I’m feeling somewhat less chaotic, symbolically as it were*.

But – oh my it’s time to get myself into gear, because Cabhán turns two years old next week! His party is set for the 5th, and since he is all sorts of Thomas-obsessed right now, it will be a choo choo-themed party. The only reason that I am not entirely panicking about it is because my aunt and cousin have bought just about every imaginable Thomas party paraphernalia (paraphernalium?) one can find in London-town, and are bringing it over next weekend! Cabhán, if you ever read this one day and can remember your awesome Thomas party with choo-choos everywhere you turn your eyes… well, that had nothing to do with me, my boy. I just made the invitations.

However! As I am writing this my parents are on a plane, right now, flying somewhere over Africa, coming to visit us Cabhán for his birthday! I am excited for a number of reasons: Cabhán will really enjoy having his granny and bampa around to play with; I’m hoping to sneak in some extra nap time somehow while they babysit; and finally because I’m not entirely uncertain the party will not pull itself together unless I actually have a proper, real-life, face-to-face conversation with someone and go and do some missioning about it, and my mom is great for that. Motivation- and ideas-wise. I plan to drag her to a party shop this weekend. Look at me being all organised and stuff!

baking with cabhán

On the Cabhán side of things, well, he just makes me laugh every single day. His language has improved exponentially in the past 4 months, and not only is he learning new English words every day, he is learning new French words every day. He speaks his own mixture of English and French at home, and the hardest thing is keeping up with him – often I have absolutely no idea what he is saying, but clearly is is something really obvious (albeit French). He speaks in sentences, and every day, too, comes up with new ways of putting words and sentences together.

Today he said the word “mine” for the first time. I know I will come to regret this milestone, but I thought it was pretty cool in the moment (yes yes, laugh at me in 2 weeks time).

He really enjoys cooking, too, and loves to sit with me and help when I am making dinner. I can’t help but chuckle when he’s in the kitchen though, as he calls a spoon a “poeN”, with extra emphasis on the N. And last night I made couscous, which inevitably became “poes poes”. You try congratulate a 2 year old with a straight face for learning a new word when that is what is coming out of his mouth!

But he’s started a naughty phase just recently, of tipping out his food and throwing it on the floor, even at school, which is something we have to deal with. We also started to get a bit worried as he seemingly went on a bit of a vegetarian streak, he would eat all his fruit and veg, but not touch any of the “meatie” as he calls is (unless it was in ravioli, of course).

(We started being a little concerned after a week or so of barely touching anything except veg and carbs in his lunches and dinners. Even more concerning was when he wanted chocolate but wouldn’t eat his gigantic chocolate Easter bunny, opting for cuddling it instead. But then, this weekend I bought him some little animal-shaped beads that I thought he would enjoy threading onto pipe cleaners and stuff. Instead, he put them all in his toy pot and pretended to cook them. And it’s not that he thinks they’re something else – I picked up one giraffe bead and asked him what it was, and he squealed ” ‘raffe!” in delight, put in back in his pot and ran off happily saying “cook cook cook!” That was a particularly proud moment for Chris and I.)

Anyway, I think it’s a bit of an aversion to something he does not know – if it looks rather different, for some reason he sometimes just will not even taste it. Which is a pity, cause I reckon he would have liked it otherwise. We had a bit of an episode this weekend where he flat-out refused, and threw his food on the floor, and instead of getting him some other food just so he would have something in his tummy (as I’ve mostly been doing until now), we decided to send him to bed without supper. (I did, however, add some cereal to his evening milk, so he had some sustenance.) But it seems to be working though… the next night he refused to eat and threw food on the floor, so I put him back in his room for a timeout. He very sheepishly came out a few minutes later and asked to get back into his high chair, and sat and ate well for the remainder of dinner. I’ve also this week started making us all dinner together, the same food too, so that we can sit with Cabhán and he can see from us how to act. Plus, I think he likes the one-on-one time. I think it’s working though, he is behaving himself much better, at home and at school, and tonight, after being initially skeptical, he really enjoyed his lamb chop I made for dinner. So all is well with the universe once more. At least for tonight.

I don’t really have a proper ending to this post so here is a video of Chris making a Cabhán pancake on Easter.



* When I was in grade 1 and full of school enthusiasm and impressionability, my headmistress used to tell us at the start of every school holiday to go home and tidy our cupboards, because “a tidy cupboard is a tidy mind”. For some reason this really stuck with me, and my sphere of influence has grown as I have, so that a few times every year (usually around school holiday time, now that I think about it) I have to do a massive spring clean/chuck out in order to stay sane. I’m happy with that.

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