Cabhán has, in the past month or so, really started to understand the power of knowing someone’s name. I first noticed it back in South Africa, where he learnt my mom’s maid’s name while they were baking scones together, and he was SO chuffed with himself being able to say hello to “gogo Dudu”. Once back, he learnt our friend Yann’s name, whom he absolutely loves, and the other day when I dropped him off at his creche he said hello to his other friends by name too.

On Friday when I went to collect Cabhán from creche it was a lovely sunny afternoon and all the kids were playing outside. They had their normal, “outside” shoes on, as opposed to the soft leather slippers that they all wear inside the classroom. One of the teachers brought Cabhán inside and we had the usual chat about how he was that day, and she pointed me to the table where 4 little pairs of “inside shoes” were sitting. I went over to get Cabhán’s pair, and Cabhán pointed at the first pair of shoes and said “Amber”.

I looked, confused, over at the teacher and she confirmed that yes, those were Amber’s shoes. He then did the same for the other two pairs, telling me they were Lea’s and Nils’. I was really impressed – how many of you would know your friends just by their shoes?

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