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The Ginger Magic

Cabhán loves magic! It all started back in November when we were out at a restaurant in France with my cousin who had come to visit. Cabhán had fallen asleep en route, but woke up as we were having dessert. To entertain him while we finished our meal, Chris came up with a game of disappearing Ginger.

Ginger was on the table. I held Cabhán’s blanket up in front of him and we told him to touch his nose to do the magic. Cabhán touched his nose, and Chris snuck Ginger off the table to where he couldn’t see him. I lowered the blanket and Cabhán gasped in amazement when he saw Ginger had disappeared! He had this wonderful look of wonder on his face, which started to turn to a little bit of worry as it dawned on him that his beloved Ginger was gone. So we quickly put the blanket back, Cabhán touched his nose again, and Ginger magically reappeared to a little boy laughing “Ginger!”

Chris has always been into magic, and is really good with sleight-of-hand tricks. A couple months ago Cabhán got hold of a credit card, and Chris sat on the floor with him making the card disappear and then reappear inside Cabhán’s shirt, much to Cabhán’s delight. And last night we even made daddy disappear from behind the sofa! (He crawled through to the kitchen behind a blanket held up by me while Cabhán touched his nose.) Cabhán ran around to look for him, and was amazed that he was gone! He didn’t even think to look in the kitchen, but just ran back to the other side of the sofa to touch his nose so daddy could come back, which he was most happy to see he did.

I managed to catch a game of the Ginger Magic on video while we were on holiday in Torgon in December… Cabhán just loves his magical cat!

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