In the year 2000 I finished school. My two best friends – Donna and Kerry – and I went to Donna’s beach house in Ballito for our matric holiday. D and I drove down together the day of our final assembly at school, and the next day we went to pick up Kerry from the airport. I can’t remember if it was on our way to or from the airport, but at the Ballito offramp we drove past a green Opel Corsa (same car as D had) with a GP license plate, and two guys in it. Our two cars waved to each other, and D made a u-turn and started following them down to the beachfront. Unfortunately we lost them when – as we found out later – they went to park inside a beach apartment complex.

A day or two later we went to get pizza at the Mimmos in Ballito, and in the parking lot we saw the same green Corsa. D pulled up next to the car, and we met Kean, Chris’s friend, who was waiting in the car for Chris to collect the pizza they had ordered. We all started chatting, and when Chris walked out the first thing he said to me was “This isn’t a pickup line, but I’m sure I know you from somewhere”. We all spent the rest of the afternoon drinking beer at the pub on the beach, eating pizza back at D’s house, and Chris and I tried to figure out where he knew me from.

We pretty much stayed up the whole night, Chris and I, we walked all the way along the beach, we went dancing in one of the hotel nightclubs, and we got back to pass out and woke up with the sunrise. When Chris looked out the window and saw the sea that morning, he said something about how he would love to be sailing right now. I asked him where he sailed and then we realised that that was where he knew me from – we were both members of LDYC at the Vaal Dam. And, it turned out, we had ended up sailing together and chatting for a bit on the shorefront on new year’s eve two years before.

That day the 5 of us – Chris, Kean, Donna, Kerry and I went to the water slide park in Durban. Us girls were walking to the slides when D and Kerry decided that it would be a fun idea to push me into the pool we were walking past. Not to be humiliated by stumbling into a pool in front of these two guys, I managed to turn the push into a smooth, graceful dive into the pool.

Unfortunately, it was a kiddie pool. 50cm deep.

I remember sitting up in the pool, my head throbbing, bikini top floating away somewhere, and Chris, Kean, Donna and Kerry sort of looking on in stunned silence. Eventually someone came to (not me) and the girls retrieved my bikini for me and helped me out of the pool. By this time I had a bump on my head the size of a tennis ball, and I was officially concussed. In the end out day at the water park was cut short by me having to go and see a doctor who asked me if there was anything wrong with my eyes, because how could I have not seen that the pool wasn’t deep? I told him I’d had 1 hour of sleep, and really, I wasn’t actually looking at the pool.

The rest of the holiday passed in a bit of a blur, with us all hanging out together at the pub or the beach, and eventually it was time to go home. Chris drove back to Joburg on the 15th of December to see me for my 18th birthday. He bought me the Creed – Human Clay cd. I remember him telling me that usually he buys his girlfriends lingerie for their birthdays, but since we had just met he felt a bit awkward doing that. So I got a cd. He has bought me lingerie a total of once since, when he was in Russia.

Three years later, he proposed, and almost another 3 years later we were married.

Chris and I, 2 September 2006 – our Wedding day















3 and a half years on – expecting Cabhán

1 May 2010, our family grows by two feet!

And this is us now…














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